Fans are the actual Saving Grace for Musicians and Artists

Fans are the actual saving grace for musicians and artists

+++ Interdiction of concerts due to the pandemic artists are losing existential income +++
Fans are affected because live events and meeting artists as well as other fans are missing +++
The Fan-Platform getnext offers Fans and artists a “digital loophole”: direct payment for
exclusive contents +++


Berlin – This present time is hard especially for artists! Having lost important revenue due to
the new age of streaming, the virus is pulling the rug from under many artists – no more
performances. Their most important source of earnings has run dry now. Time only will tell if
and how much the announced state aid will help countless artists.

The only way out of this crisis is digital. Unfortunately, artists have not been able so far to
monetize their contents directly in the digital realm. Social Media have formed a culture for
free, where reach is the new currency. For an artist, this ficticious currency means: “crabwise
cash”, as Instagram testimonial, subjection to advertising contracts or hoping to suddenly get
the desired record or publishing deal because of wide reach.

However, there is one thing that never changes: fans being loyal to their artists and willing to
pay for good content that is more special, more exclusive, hence more valuable. The so-called
premium tickets, for example, are usually sold out first despite being more expensive.

Unfortunately, many artists still do not seem to be able to ask money for their contents
directly off their fans. Right now, when the main source of income has run dry for so many,
artists should start to rethink. An artist can, may and should monetize parts of their own
contents directly.

There are several facilities already, where artists and fans can engage emotionally and
financially at the same time - getnext (, a German based fan platform is one
of those. This fan platform offers a “digital resort” where fans support (pay) for exclusive
content directly to the artist. This is easy and fair to both parties. Fan reactions on getnext are
positive: they state thumbs up and complete understanding for their favourite artists. The
artists on the other hand are happy about the extra earnings and positive reactions of their
fans. Artists are being saved from worse by fan support on getnext.

More about getnext:

Jochen Schuster / / +49 172 4523413
Marlon Werkhausen / / +49 172 7591795

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