getnext.to is a new "direct-to-fan transaction" platform.

At getnext.to fans and followers get unique access to their artists and their content. Artists can offer their fans and followers digital and physical content and products. There are no limits to the creativity of the artist. Pictures, music, videos, texts, layouts, demos, merchandising, personal meetings, VIP packages, early access to tickets or music, bonus material, first news, etc. Almost everything is possible!

Fans and followers get direct access to the special content of their artist through the rewards (offers of the artists). You pay a monthly amount, which is determined by the artist. Of course, the rewards can be canceled at any time.

Each artist profile is clearly arranged and informs its fans and followers with regular contributions (posts). The contributions will find the fans and followers in a typically learned "feed view".

getnext.to is a 100% trustworthy platform that works without algorithms and is not influenced by third parties. Artists and their fans and followers are always in direct exchange. No data from the platform will be passed on to unauthorized persons and getnext.to is ad-free.