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We decided to give something back to you and give you the opportunity to be featured on our Playlist(s) to spread your music to a wider audience. Our monthly curated playlists on Spotify, Tidal, and YouTube are here to showcase your talent and connect you to more listeners.

How it works?

  • Monthly Playlists: We feature up to 30 handpicked tracks every month across our Spotify, Tidal, and YouTube playlists. Each playlist spotlights fresh releases from emerging artists, giving them a platform to shine.

  • You can be on a playlist once every three months to give everyone the opportunity. 

  • Submission Guidelines: Do you have an upcoming release? Submit your track LINK to by the 20th of each month for consideration in the upcoming playlist. We're always on the lookout for fresh sounds and exciting talent. Please also send direct links to your Song/Video and which platform you want to be featured on.

Why did we choose the following services?

  • Spotify: Despite its challenges, Spotify remains the go-to platform with the largest user base for music streaming.

  • YouTube: Video content continues to captivate audiences, making YouTube an essential platform for music promotion. We embrace diversity and recognize the power of visuals in enhancing the music experience.

  • Tidal: With a commitment to fairer payouts for artists, Tidal stands out as a streaming service that values creators' work. By featuring your music on Tidal, you'll not only reach listeners but also receive a higher compensation.

Join us on this musical journey as we support and celebrate independent Berlin artists and also get to know our growing community on a deeper level. 

Together, let's make your music heard! Submit your tracks today and let the world groove to your beats. 🎵🌟

03.06.2024 2pm Demo Listening Session

To capture the attention of record labels amid their limited time, it's crucial to make your music stand out. Join us for a professional evaluation of your 3 songs demo to ensure it leaves a lasting impression on label A&R.

Constructive feedback will help refine your tracks and showcase your dedication and potential for success.

Maximize your opportunities by presenting a polished demo and pave the way for a thriving music career.

This will be a group session with max. 6 people.

With Julien Saumande


28.05.2024 18:30 Uhr // Community Evening •• Der Beat geht weiter: Wie die Gen Z in die musikalische Zukunft blickt

Music Pool Berlin Community Abend auf der re:publica

Tickets hier

Zum 10. Geburtstag von Music Pool Berlin, sprechen wir mit Musikschaffenden der Gen Z - Wie haben sich die Rahmenbedingungen für das professionelle Musikmachen in den letzten 10 Jahren verändert? Wie schauen Musikschaffende am Anfang ihres Weges heute in die Zukunft? Welche Versprechen von vor 10-15 Jahren haben sich nicht eingelöst, welche verändert, welche entstehen neu? Wir freuen uns, in Kooperation mit der re:publica wieder einen Community Abend auf dem Digitalfestival zu veranstalten und den 10-jährigen Geburtstag von Music Pool Berlin zu feiern.

Music Pool Berlin, die öffentliche Beratungsstelle für Musikerinnen und Musiker in Berlin, feiert in diesem Jahr 10-jähriges Bestehen; den Trägerverein all2gethernow e.V. gibt es seit 15 Jahren. Anlass zu dessen Gründung war die Absage der damals größten Musikmesse im deutschsprachigen Raum. Begründung für diesen Schritt war damals, dass das Internet die Musikwirtschaft zerstöre. Die Reaktion war die recht spontane Planung einer eigenen Veranstaltung, „all2gethernow“ unter Einbeziehung neuer Akteur:innen aus Musik, Tech, der Medienszene und vor allem der Musiker*innen selbst. Aus der produktiven Veranstaltungsreihe wurde dann Jahre später eine feste, öffentlich finanzierte Institution: Music Pool Berlin.   

Heute sehen wir, dass es Musikwirtschaft noch immer gibt, das Internet eine zentrale Infrastruktur für die Rezeption und Distribution von Musik geworden ist, und dass die nächste Generation von Musikschaffenden vor veränderten Herausforderungen steht - von teuren Lebenshaltungskosten in den Metropolen bis zu KI-Musikproduktion.

Wie geht der Beat weiter? Dies möchten wir im Rahmen der re:publica direkt mit neuen Akteur:innen besprechen, auf die aktuelle Musiklandschaft schauen und Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten eruieren. Ende der Nullerjahre ging es viel um den Niedergang der klassischen Musikwirtschaft und die Verheißungen des Digitalen - Was hat sich davon eingelöst, was hat sich dystopisch entwickelt, und was ist jetzt ganz anders? Welche Erwartungen haben Musikschaffende der Gen Z heute? Was sehen sie problematisch, was möchten sie verändern, welche Möglichkeiten sehen sie?

Moderiert von Andrea Goetzke und Eric Eitel als Mitgründer*innen von Music Pool Berlin, sprechen wir mit:

Amir Naghavi aka AAMIROO is DJ and curator from Iran. His interest lies in finding crossings in electronic and experimental sounds and different musical motifs from Iran. In collaboration with “Mikubat ” (a Vancouver-based Artist), AAMIROO is currently experimenting with introducing the underrated early 2000s Electronic music of Iran to the world of Techno and House through a project called “SAHNEHTRONIXl”.

... weitere Sprecher*innen sind in Planung.

Gesprächsrunde: 18:45 - 19:45.

Im Anschluss 20:00 - 22:00 DJ Set a2n_soundsystem im Community Garden, Hall 8. Wir gehen alle zusammen dorthin und können uns bei Drink und Musik weiter austauschen.


Teilnahme: Wir haben in Kooperation mit der re:publica eine Gästeliste für 20 Personen, die ab 18:30 am Dienstag 28. Mai kostenfrei Zugang zur re:publica und unserer Gesprächsrunde haben. Holt euch euer kostenfreies Ticket hier: XXX. Bitte holt euch nur ein Ticket, wenn ihr auch wirklich kommt, da die Plätze sehr begrenzt sind. Wer zu spät für die Gästeliste ist, kann immer noch für 20 € ein re:publica Abendticket an der Abendkasse erwerben.

14.05.2024 7pm How artists can use AI to win 1,000 true music fans

In a collaboration with WISE festival & think tank, Music Pool Berlin invites you to join us for an exploration of AI tools for musicians. Which tools are out there, how do they work, and what are experiences with using them in creation, distribution, marketing etc.? The conversation will open the WISE evening programme at Fluxbau, with a reception and a long night of concerts and DJ sets. The evening brings together music tech and AI x music people, alongside with artists and people in the music business .. so if you are interested in connecting with people who work in AI x music or music tech, this may be an opportunity.

Panel Discussion: How artists can use AI to win 1,000 true music fans

19:00 - 20:15 (the panel starts at 19:00)

This conversation explores how AI is reshaping the music industry, from analyzing fan data to optimizing content for deeper engagement. It highlights AI's role in music production and artist development, offering artists new avenues for creativity and brand building. By automating tasks and unlocking new insights, AI helps artists connect with fans on a personal level, transforming casual listeners into dedicated super fans, and empowering artists to push creative boundaries and accelerate their careers.

We look forward to speaking with:

Jovanka v. Wilsdorf, AI Song Contest DIANA

Chris Wieduwilt, The AI Musicpreneur

Josh Savage, Artist


Free entry. Limited capacity. Please register here to participate: Here!!


After the discussion, there will be concerts and performances with GotopoHarriet DaveyNadav SivanSlixBenzii and a Local Suicide DJ set, running until 4 am.


28.05.2024 2 pm to 6 pm DIY Booking - all you need to know to book your first tour

DIY Booking - all you need to know to book your first tour

Gigs are fun and can be an essential building block for a successful music career. In addition, concerts still represent a great financial opportunity - if you know how to plan them smartly and successfully. Unfortunately, however, the topic of "booking" is a headache for many artists. This workshop aims to change that: Because with the right plan and a few good tools, booking can also be fun! But how do I find the right venues and concerts for me? How do I formulate a booking email? And once the date is set - what now? Together, we will create a solid battle plan that will prepare you for the upcoming concert season ;) I'll also share lots of general tips and tricks that I've learned over the years.

  •    Research → How do I find the right concerts / venues for me?
  •    How do I create a sustainable list with all the important information about potential locations?
  •    Preparation is everything → How do I create a good "EPK"?
  •    How do I create a booking email? (Blank email draft in the workshop as an example)
  •    It gets concrete: The first contact + follow-up strategies
  •    Clarify parameters (negotiate fee; ask for all relevant information)
  •    As soon as the gig is confirmed: Create a booking / touring checklist (my checklist as a freebie for all participants)
  •    General tips & tools

Coach: Florentina Fien



  • 2,00 € pro Monat
  • ca. 2,18 $ pro Monat

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