The Artist Profile

getnext offers a simple structure for artists of all genres, with all media types. It´s easy to understand, follow the news and get access to premium and exclusive content. This atmospheric header leads to a menu bar with a selection of "profile", "posts" and "community". The profile introduces the artist, post offers an overview for the newsfeed and the community allows fans to interact, comment and exchange with other fans and the artist.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-01 um 11.30.11.png
Screenshot: Reward overview

On the right side of the profile, you will find the rewards. These are offers by the artist, subscriptions, that allow fans access to premium content. All rewards, means content and pricing are set up by the artists.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-01 um 11.23.12.png
Screenshot: protected Reward post

getnext strongly believes, that only the artist should decide what to publish, if and how much money to charge for rewards. That is why we don't use algorithms, to interfere and don´t show advertisement in the news feed, to interrupt the experience.

#makealiving #support #noalgorithm #adfree #privacy #fans #fame #fortune

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